Want to play longer,

    perform better and feel stronger?

  • Learn to perform your best both on and off the course.

    What is

    CFT Golf Performance?

    We designed this program to be a holistic approach to your game and your life.


    Physical Assessment

    A physical assessment will give us a better understanding of what your strengths and weaknesses are. If you are having any physical limitation or pain this will be addressed.


    We develop personal strength and conditioning program

    Created with your goals in mind, we take baseline numbers in order to ensure you are seeing results from all your hard work.


    Swing Analysis

    A collaboration between you and your PGA professional to enhance your understanding of swing mechanics and fundamentals of the game.

  • CFT Recovery

    Injuries are common, and many either ignore the fact or quit because of them.

    At CFT Golf Performance your program is followed closely by a Board-Certified Physical Therapist to help avoid injuries and if they occur resolve them quickly to keep you on track.

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