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    Our coaches bring their unique backgrounds and skills

    to help you achieve your performance goals.

    Dean Statler Jr.

    Lead Performance Coach

    Bryan Williams

    Performance Coach

    Bryan has been a personal trainer and a boxing coach for the last 5 years. He found his passion for fitness while learning boxing 10 years ago. Bryan specializes in strength and wellness, as well as boxing. Bryan has a keen ability to connect with his clients, instilling confidence and delivering the results they want!

    Gabriella Souzima

    Performance Coach

    "Gabby" for short. Is a NCSF certified personal trainer who teaches HIIT, Mobility, and Regeneration classes. Gabby aims to inspire and build confidence in health and fitness.

    (IG: @zimafitness)

    Milly Suarez

    Performance Coach

    Devin Higgs

    Performance Coach

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