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  • As essential as food, water, or oxygen, frequent exercise is a major key to a long and fruitful life. Sadly, due to our busy schedules and the challenges of modern life, getting much-needed exercise isn’t as easy these days. Aside from missing out on the natural high that comes with exercise, living a sedentary lifestyle leads to weight gain and an overall lack of motivation. Even if you manage to get into a routine, running for hours on a treadmill or repetitively lifting weights can be boring and monotonous.


    Instead of failing to achieve your fitness goals, try a group exercise program in Golden Beach that is as rewarding as it is fun. With the encouragement of peers and under the watchful eye of expert trainers, a group fitness class can give you the foundation you need to transform your level of fitness dramatically.

    Whether you’re a former collegiate athlete or never broke a sweat in your life, a group fitness class is perfect for people of all ages and experience levels.

  • The Benefits of Group Fitness



    One of the major aspects of any new program is determining your fitness goals, both long-term and short-term. Whether you want a greater level of athletic performance, a way to get out and meet new people, or to make a serious change for your body and lifestyle, there are several ways a group fitness class can be tremendously beneficial.


    Here are several ways a group fitness program in Golden Beach can benefit you:


    Enjoy the natural high that comes with exercise


    Meet new people and make new friends


    Exercise without feeling like it’s exercise


    Learn the proper way to train and lose weight


    A structured exercise regimen built around your schedule


    Limitless motivation from peers and trainers

    You may be hesitant about joining a group fitness class if you’re out of shape; however, our support staff is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Everyone in class is on their own fitness journey, and we work with you to keep you on the right path through our proven workout regimens.

  • Workouts That Work

    With our Golden Beach fitness classes, you can enjoy more than just dance-style exercises. We offer everything from boxing, to spin, to yoga classes, ensuring that you’re getting a full range of effective workouts. These are workouts that are proven to get you the results you need while offering a diversity of choices. Rather than signing up for memberships at multiple gyms, with a Core Fitness Training membership, you’re getting access to countless workout routines all for the price of one.


    Get in Shape with Group Fitness in Golden Beach

    Core Fitness Training is dedicated to improving the lives of Golden Beach-area residents with fun group fitness classes that help them burn fat and work toward the best version of themselves.


    Aside from our well-trained staff, you can enjoy meeting new people and ever-changing workouts. At Core Fitness Training in Golden Beach, you can have fun with fitness and smash your goals at the same time. If you’re looking to switch up your workout or make a healthy start with a group fitness program at Golden beach, click here to try your first week for free!

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